i think the clique collectively decided that we don’t talk about no phun intended too much because it causes us great pain and when we do talk about it its only in hushed whispers and “yeah its a no phun intended kinda night” because it really hurts and thats all we handle…or maybe thats just me…


Anonymous asked:

Does anyone even listen to the song Days Are gone? It seems irrelevant

zecretary answered:

did you seriously come to the ask box of trash talking a track that este does lead vocals on and expect me to agree? did you think i would look at your ask that is basically like “i don’t like something este did” and i would agree with you? este could burp and i would think it was the most amazing beautiful burp i ever heard in my life? who do you think i am? i literally think she shits rainbows dude i’m so offended that you even came to my ask box expecting me to not think every little tiny thing she does is the most incredible thing in the world?????



So this is a fun story and I felt it was somewhat related. My friend thinks I’m too obsessed with haim so she proceeded to tell me this in an attempt to somehow decrease my love for them???? (Idk she’s an idiot). So this friend is a friend of the band FMLYBND and haim played a festival in Santa Barbara with them last October. Apparently when este got up on stage she proceeded to fart rather audibly in front of a bunch of people and everyone laughed including este. My friend was waiting for me to become grossed out but it made me love her SO MUCH MORE LIKE WTF YOU REALLY THOUGHT THAT WAS WHAT WAS GONNA DO IT FOR ME WTF anyway thought I’d share

I am literally so in love